Amerimaids is designed with our customers in mind and come guaranteed with safety and peace of mind that you have made the right choice. Our professionally trained, uniformed, bonded and insured staff will be the source of all your home cleaning, and maintenance needs. We are always happy to visit with you to design a customized home maintenance plan. One that fits your budget and your busy schedule.

Additional Services:





Service Call Confirmation

Amerimaids customer service representative usually call to confirm all appointments, rescheduling and cancellations at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to make things easier for our customers. Appointments not properly cancelled will be subject to certain charges. If an appointment cannot be kept, please call our office at 972-480-0668 and cancel such appointment.

Work Guarantees

We guarantee our work. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We require inspection of jobs by customers at the end of service especially on initial visits to ensure that work has been done satisfactorily. We prefer for such inspection to take place at service completion.

Time Conflicts

Should issue relating to time management/conflict arise, customer agrees that on a specified work day, should any request for additional work conflict with time which has been agreed for any prior/ongoing work, customer agrees that Amerimaids may at its discretion, schedule the additional work for the next day or at a later date bearing the need to accommodate specific time needs of the customer in mind. However, customer agrees to pay any additional costs, which may not have been in the original agreement if such is needed. Additional costs will not be paid if work falls under what was originally agreed.

Unsafe Conditions

Amerimaids does not clean crime scenes, unsafe or biologically hazardous scenes or require its employees to work in any conditions that are deemed by an Amerimaids supervisor, who is present, that performing such work may pose a threat or be harmful to the health of our staff. If such conditions are found to exist, Amerimaids has the right to (perform cleaning which may exclude that portion deemed unhealthy or perform no service at all. Customer may not be charged if such situation arises.

Cancellations/Reschedule Requests

There is no charge to cancel a service at least 48 hours before service. However, changes must be confirmed by calling our office and speaking to a customer service representative during normal office hours. Customers may also leave messages on our voice mail when a service representative cannot be immediately reached. It is frequently reviewed.

No Access/Lockout Fees

Customers shall be responsible to pay our deployment fees if we arrive and cannot provide service in cases where adequate arrangements have not been made to properly cancel or ensure that service is delivered by our crew upon arrival. Customer agrees to pay a rescheduling /Cancellation fee equivalent to standard service rate of $ 39.95 if we arrived and our employees do not gain access to work due to no fault of ours.

Gift Certificates

Amerimaids has made it easy to find the right gift. You can give a friend or a relative a Gift Certificate from Amerimaids which gives them the ability to enjoy well deserved free time from home chores such as cleaning, organizing etc. These certificates are great for Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Simply contact our local office to inquire about getting one issued today.